Ian Arougheti  |  Head of Comedy, Innovative Artists
After 3 years with Arougheti at the Head of Innovative Artists’ Comedy Department, the unit has more than tripled in size and expanded to New York.  Ian focuses on getting his clients TV, Film, and digital roles beyond stand-up. He was recently selected by Variety as one their 2013 “Hollywood’s New Leaders” — the most exciting and important 36-and-under entertainment professionals.


LyNea “LB” Bell  |  Talent Agent, Media Artists Group  |  @LyneaLB
Known as one of the most aggressive and tenacious talent representatives in Hollywood, Bell has been a Talent Agent for the last 2 years representing high-profile clients in the entertainment industry. An experienced corporate executive and entrepreneur in Communications, Media and Entertainment, she also works with Roger Paul at Universal Attractions as their West Coast liaison.


Barb & Steve North  |  Managers, Brook Forest Entertainment
Beginning as actors and a comedy team themselves– Barb and Steve headlined clubs and colleges and appeared on over 30 network and syndicated television shows before taking their careers behind the camera, writing and producing. Their talent roster of actors and comedians have appeared on Nickelodeon, Disney, Showtime, Comedy Central and the major networks.


Mark Scroggs  |  David Shapira & Associates
Mark Scroggs has represented actors and comedic talent for 25 years. At David Shapira & Associates (DSA), Mark works with talent in TV, film, theatre, hosting and new media. The Indianapolis native’s love for comedy dates back to watching classics 1970s sitcoms and variety shows, plus listening to comedy albums over and over.  This interest continues, including the new formats to appreciate all forms of comedy.

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